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Video Library

Are you conducting research or simply wanting to learn more? If so, we encourage you to tap into our video library which includes several videos on SMB Suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

SMB Suite

  • Is SMB Suite Right for Your Company?Watch | (1:52 min.)
    Are business systems a necessary evil or a valuable tool to help operate your business?
  • What Do You Get?Watch | (1:18 min.)
    Need an entire line of business automation software?
  • All-Inclusive SolutionWatch | (1:28 min.)
    Our all-inclusive pricing is really all-inclusive!
  • The Power of IntegrationWatch | (1:35 min.)
    Looking for integrated and flexible business system?
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)Watch | (1:16 min.)
    What is Software as a Service or Saas?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overviews

  • Sales Force AutomationWatch | (6:03 min.)
    Do you need to increase selling time, shorten sales cycles and improve close rates?
  • Customer ServiceWatch | (5:32 min.)
    Do you need high levels of customer care and service?
  • Marketing AutomationWatch | (6:18 min.)
    Do you need to maximize revenue opportunities and workflow efficiency?

Microsoft Dynamics GP Overviews

  • OverviewWatch | (0:35 min.)
  • Enables confident decisionsWatch | (0:52 min.)
  • Familiar to your peopleWatch | (0:44 min.)
  • Fuels business productivityWatch | (0:47 min.)
  • Fits with your systemsWatch | (0:57 min.)


  • InvestigateWatch | (1:31 min.)
    Do you want the ability to easily investigate your financial data?
  • Budget ForecastsWatch | (0:48 min.)
    Do you want to run “what-if” forecasts for your budgets?
  • ComplianceWatch | (0:59 min.)
    Do you need a solution that helps protect your corporate assets, reduce corporate fraud, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations?

Supply Chain

  • Back Order & FulfillmentWatch | (1:23 min.)
    Do you need visibility into potential back-order situations? Do you need to make consistent order fulfillment decisions when stock shortages occur?
  • WarehouseWatch | (1:34 min.)
    Do you need a system that simplifies warehouse processes?
  • CreditWatch | (2:32 min.)
    Do you need to make fair and reasonable decisions on customer credit to reduce collection problems?


  • Hiring ProcessWatch | (2:07 min.)
    Do you need a consistent hiring process? Is manually tracking applicants slowing down your hiring managers?
  • CompensationWatch | (1:32 min.)
    Could you use compensation effectively to motivate and retain your people?
  • Reduce Manual ProcessesWatch | (1:35 min.)
    Could you reduce manual processes by enabling people to manage their personal information, enter and approve time and attendance, and enroll in benefits online?


  • TrendsWatch | (1:12 min.)
    Do you need to easily spot the trends that seem to be hidden in your data?
  • Management SystemWatch | (1:21 min.)
    Do you want your business management system to automatically tell you when something is wrong or when your action is required?
  • DataWatch | (1:08 min.)
    Do you need to make better, faster decisions with easier access to more relevant data?

IT Systems

  • ProductivityWatch | (1:13 min.)
    Do you need to empower your people to be more productive by tailoring their work experience?
  • PersonalizationWatch | (1:25 min.)
    Do you need a flexible system that can be personalized and adapted to users’ needs without requiring developer skills?
  • Dynamics GPWatch | (0:45 min.)
    Do you need to connect other systems and applications to Microsoft Dynamics GP so you can get more value from your data?