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MOSS Enterprise Server

MOSS Enterprise Server

Search a specific company database Search a specific company database choose multiple companies, or search all sites for both structured and unstructured data.
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One of the most important goals of a company is fostering relationships based on communication and efficiency. This true business ecosystem can be your company’s reality with Microsoft Office SharePoint Enterprise Server in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The MOSS Enterprise Server offers your staff advanced search, collaboration and business intelligence capabilities all in a display that is formatted for their company role. Also with MOSS Enterprise Server, offered as an Advanced Module with your Collaborator package, you can take advantage of workflow automation and collaborator tools that make sure your system works the way you want. MOSS Enterprise Server in Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you build your company into the true business ecosystem that you desire.

Features and Benefits

  • Community Create the business community you desire. Provide the channel for the whole organization, where people can access and collaborate with the same information in a format or application that best fits their role.
  • Rich Search Options Register the application and data you want your staff to search for and provide the tools to quickly filter the information, so they can easily find what they are looking for.
  • IT Efforts Deliver the platform developers and administrators need to enforce the shared security policies and adapt your system to meet your businesses needs.
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