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Business Productivity

Collaboration and Productivity Tools

Interactions with customers and suppliers and the ability for employees to work together in delivering products and services is key to customer satisfaction, customer retention, higher productivity, and lowering costs. Microsoft's Suite of productivity tools  brings the high performance productivity tools to every employee, even in an optional hosted solution via the web.

Secure email, web collaboration, and other tools gives your employees, customers, suppliers and business partners the ability to communicate, exchange information and collaborate in real time without disrupting ongoing business operations.

Now you can deliver the right tools at the right time without overextending your company’s technological capabilities. Through an easy to understand and reasonably priced monthly subscription, your employees can outperform the competition and create new marketplace advantages for your business.

With SMB Collaborator from NextCorp, receive breakthroughs in ease, performance, and effectiveness, while lowering your business costs.

Core Collaboration Tools

  • Provide your company the tools to communicate, create and collaborate.
  • Streamline your everyday business processes by taking time consuming and difficult tasks, and transforming them into a simple efficient process.
  • Give your company the capabilities to handle your general day-to-day business processes.
  • Select tools and implementations including MS Exchange Server with MS Outlook, MS LiveMeeting, and MS SharePoint

Excel at Productivity

  • Provide your company with the tools to help control important information and data, improve integration capabilities and control your business processes.
  • MS Project and MS Office [Including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint] which can be delivered as a hosted Internet service