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Configure, Customize, Integrate, & Extend Your Solution

Advanced business software is highly customizable to meet the unique demands of leading companies. NextCorp's team can help you design your system, recommend best practices, and solve complex technical challenges to optimize your operations, accounting, sales, and reporting.


Access to Your Data

With so much data available through your business systems, you will want to access, slice, dice, drill down, and summarize it. NextCorp can provide the tools such as FRx Drill Down Viewer, and SQL Reporting Services to empower your team with the data they need. Custom Dashboards, Business Intelligence tools and Intranets are also exceptional tools for keeping tight controls over key metrics.

Integrations and EDI

Connecting systems to exchange data can create tremendous efficiencies in operations and reduce costs dramatically. Some large retailers and industries require such interaction between vendors or suppliers. NextCorp has provided solutions across industries ranging from point-to-point file transfer to EDI transaction processing.

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