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Peachtree is another accounting package designed for smaller businesses with a limited set of features and standard database functionality. It’s a good starting place, but as your company grows, limitations affect the progress of your business.

Four signs your business has outgrown Peachtree:

  • Your company’s transaction volumes are increasing and straining the capacity of the Peachtree database resulting in performance problems due to the time consuming task of navigating across different menus and screens and print reports.
  • Your company is growing and you need for more than five users to access the accounting system at the same time.
  • Your company’s operations are becoming more complicated and you need a system that offers advanced functionality.
  • You have to compile data from several different applications because Peachtree does not off the range of financial, supply chain, and even HR functionality that your company needs.

Microsoft Dynamics™ GP offers rich functionality for financials, and supply chain management, along with real-time access to integrated information from all areas of your business.

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