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NetSuite offers a web-based solution for midsize businesses that integrates Accounting/ERP, CRM, and collaboration tools, but there are several areas where NetSuite falls short compared to SMB Suite:

  • The upfront cost of NetSuite’s software does not include the services component. Service thresholds and per-module pricing escalate the overall cost.
  • NetSuite's usability, add on costs, deployment, customer support and features limitations can rise potential customer concerns.
  • NetSuite’s interface lacks the guided, step-by-step nurturing found in SMB Suite, which could increase initial training time.
  • NetSuite’s contract management, telephony integration, and comprehensive workflow are very weak compared to the SMB Suite.
  • NetSuite’s CRM solution has a fairly easy to use marketing campaign function as does SMB CRM, but NetSuite’s progress metrics lack luster and detail.
  • NetSuite stores their customer’s data in only one data center which is located in a seismic area, and has no back up facility.
  • Limited extensibility: few ISV (Independent Software Vendor) applications available
  • Missing many functional capabilities, such as extended HR (e.g. recruiting and performance management), materials management, supply chain, etc.
  • NetSuite’s local accounting support limited to the U.K. and USA.

The SMB Suite offers rich functionality for financials, supply chain management, and customer relationship management, along with real-time access to integrated information from all areas of your business.

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