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SMB Suite for Professional Services

The lifeblood of any professional services company includes maximizing resource utilization, improving operational efficiencies and successfully developing and managing client relationships. With SMB Suite for Professional Services you get an integrated solution that provides the business intelligence needed to help your company improve the management and utilization of your valuable resources allowing you to continually meet or exceed client expectations thereby improving operational profitability and cash management. SMB Suite for Professional Services solution is also designed to help you meet and optimize your audit and taxes, compliance, business processes, staffing and project management needs.

Typical Business Challenges faced by Professional Services Companies

If you are experiencing any of the following challenges, then SMB Suite for Professional Services is an ideal solution you should consider for your business.

  • Long collection cycles due to delays in processing expense information accurately and in a manner that allows expenses to be included in the customer billing cycle as soon as possible.
  • Employee Inefficiency due to the inability to update and input their records off site or back at the office, delayed approval by managers, and duplicate data entry.
  • Inaccurate collection and management of time and expense reporting, lack of integration of records with the billing system.
  • Manual invoicing impairing accuracy and preventing assessment of the profitability of projects.
  • Lack of integration with the General Ledger, Payables, Inventory and Receivables
  • Lack of project information collaboration between team members
  • Not knowing your customers preferences
  • Selling to customers who simply don't need what you’re offering
  • No marketing plan to create the kind of attention you need to get in front of the right types of customers
  • No sales plan to map where sales will come from, how they’ll come and from whom.
  • Failing to optimize the business through improved communication, collaboration, productivity, and product/service delivery so that you’re better and more cost effective than the competition.

Business Benefits of SMB Suite for Professional Services

Some of the quantifiable benefits SMB Suite for Professional Services can provide your business include:

  • Shorten cash collection cycles
  • Increase employee efficiency and utilization
  • Improve accuracy of time and expense reporting
  • Provide real-time visibility to project profitability
  • Eliminate manual entries by integrating with other financial modules
  • Provide web based project collaboration between team members
  • Generate more leads
  • Qualify prospects faster
  • Close more deals
  • Improve close rate
  • Increase average invoice/deal size
  • Margin preservation
  • Improve customer service
  • Stronger customer loyalty
  • Increase marketing ROI
  • Enhance business and customer continuity
  • Improve profitability

SMB Suite for Professional Services Key Features

Dashboards & KPI’sDynamics CRMDynamics GP

SMB Suite for Professional Services Features and Capabilities - Powered by Microsoft Dynamics

  • Services Resource Planning
    Lower TCO
    Real-time Visibility
    Bus. Processes
    Global Support
    Enterprise Scalability
  • Financials
    Accounts Receivable
    Accounts Payable
    General Ledger
    Financial Reporting
    Advanced Billing
  • Marketing Automation
    Lead Management
    Customer Profiling
    Referral, Lead, Promos
    Email Marketing
    Campaign Management: Tracking
  • Website
    Website Hosting
    Affiliate Management
  • Professional Services Automation
    Advanced Project Accounting
    Resource Availability & Group Calendaring
    Contract & Document Management
    Time, Expenses, & Billing
  • Client Service
    Case Assignment & Management
    Knowledge Base
    Support, Service, and Time Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Territory Tracking
    Opportunity Management
    Quote Generation
    Order Management
    Up/Cross Sell
  • Employee Resource Management
    Employee Self Service
    Managerial Self Service
    Human Resources Management
    Collaborative Document Management
  • Real Time Dashboards
    Key Performance Indicators (KPI’S)
    Report Snapshots & Graphs
    Saved Searches