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SMB Suite for Non-Profit

Critical to the successful pursuit of the “cause” for any non-profit organization is the ability to raise and manage funds. SMB Suite for Non-Profit is an integrated solution that is designed to help your organization do just that, raise and manage funds more efficiently. Additionally, since the SMB Suite for Non-Profit solution is delivered over the internet it reduces or eliminates the need for IT personnel to manage and maintain your back office allowing you to re-direct valuable and limited resources towards the direct pursuit of your organization’s cause.

Typical Business Challenges Faced by Non-Profit Organizations

If you are experiencing one or more of the following challenges, then SMB Suite for Non-Profit is an ideal solution you should consider for your organization:

  • Manual entry and reconciliation of funds across accounts, divisions, and companies
  • Unbalanced fund entries
  • Manual reconciliation of control accounts
  • Keeping actual expenditures in line with fund budgeting
  • Enforcement of approval policies for expenditures
  • Managing spending commitments against encumbrance budgets
  • Tracking and reporting grant activities and balances
  • Not knowing your members/donors contribution patterns, preferences and how you can be a resource for them.
  • Soliciting to the wrong donors who simply don't support what you’re offering or your cause.
  • No marketing plan to create the kind of attention you need to get in front of the right types of donors who would like to support your cause.
  • No funding plan to gage the financial growth and progress of your organization.
  • Failing to optimize the organization through improved communication, collaboration, productivity, and product/service delivery so that you’re better and more cost effective competing for donations.

Business Benefits of SMB Suite for Non-Profit Solution

Some of the quantifiable benefits SMB Suite for Non-Profit can provide your organization include:

  • Control Account Management - When your organization is equipped to manage accounts by segments, you not only save valuable time, but also gain a detailed picture of your finances that lets you meet demanding reporting requirements. Control Account Management functionality within Microsoft Dynamics enables you to monitor payables at a granular level and eliminate the need to manually reconcile reporting segments.
  • Inter-Fund Accounting - Fund accounting can be a challenge for non-profit organizations — transferring balances across accounts is error-prone, and staff can spend too much time juggling manual entry and reconciliation processes. Microsoft offers Inter-Fund Accounting functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP inter-organization, ensuring easy management of inter-fund transfers and the assurance that account balances stay accurate and up-to-date.
  • Encumbrance Management - Keep your focus on utilizing budgets effectively, rather than tracking expenses and worrying whether you’ve exceeded limits. With SMB Suite for Non-Profit encumbrance management, non-profit organizations can proactively manage and adhere to budgets, streamline period-end reporting processes, and monitor encumbrances from any point in time.
  • Grant Management - Accurately track grant costs, remain accountable to your sponsors, and meet specific guidelines and regulations. SMB Suite for Non-Profit grant managements ensure budget integrity for every dollar spent, and helps you achieve the successful project outcomes that increase your chances of future awards from new and existing sponsors.
  • Greater worker productivity – Empower your employees’ and volunteers’ effectiveness with a software environment that is comfortable, consistent, and easy to use.
  • Less duplication and lower potential for errors – Introduce consistent, flexible automation and centralization into all areas of financial management to streamline your efforts, minimize the potential for errors, and eliminate redundant data entry.
  • More strategic management – Lighten the load on your financial managers and let them concentrate on critical and strategic tasks with comprehensive reporting and automation capabilities designed with not-for-profits in mind.
  • Add More Members/Donors - A key to growth - more members/donors more often! Because you actively manage the contribution process and have unique insight into member/donor needs, your sales team will increase their success at adding more members/donors.
  • Higher Average Donation Size - Through member/donor and product/service insight your organization will be in the unique position of being able to more effectively market your products/services.
  • Improved Member/Donor Service - Having the right relationships, processes and capabilities ensure that you can capture and resolve small issues before they become big ones.
  • Tighter Member/Donor Loyalty - Through closer relationships, better member service, and anticipating needs, your members/donors will choose to make larger donations, more often.
  • Increased Marketing ROI - Quit throwing good money after bad. You’ll know how each marketing piece, campaign, or promotional item - from placement to revenue — contributes to the organization.
  • Organization & Member Continuity - A historical member relationship 'memory’ is always retained in the organization, should employees/volunteers leave or be replaced within the organization. And, new employees/volunteers get up to speed more quickly, minimizing member/donor relationship or service interruptions.

SMB Suite for Non-Profit Key Features

DashboardsDynamics CRMDynamics GPGrantsInterfundAccountsEncumbrance Accounting

SMB Suite for Non-Profit Features and Capabilities - Powered by Microsoft Dynamics

  • Financials
    Accounts Receivable
    Accounts Payable
    General Ledger
    Financial Reporting
    Grant Management
    Fund Accounting
    Encumbrance Accounting
  • Marketing Automation
    Donor Management
    Donor/Volunteer Profiling
    Referral, Lead, Promos
    Email Marketing
    Campaign Management: Tracking
  • Website
    Website Hosting
  • Employee Resource Management
    Employee Self Service
    Managerial Self Service
    Human Resources Management
    Collaborative Document Mgmt
    Volunteer Scheduling/Time Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Donor Management
    Volunteer Management
    Member Management
  • Real Time Dashboards
    Key Performance Indicators (KPI’S)
    Report Snapshots & Graphs
    Saved Searches