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Business Impact Assessment - Special Offer

Trying to determine which ERP or CRM system is right for your company or if you even need an ERP or CRM system?

Employing the Business Impact Assessment (BIA) will help you answer these questions and many more.

The BIA will provide recommendations and a clear understanding of the potential impact implementing an ERP/CRM system will have on your strategic initiatives, business challenges and business processes.

The BIA deliverables will include:

  • Business impact of implementing a new ERP/CRM system
  • Software recommendations and associated costs
  • BIA findings and business impacts
  • High level list of business and technical requirements
  • High level strategy for migrating current data to new system
  • High level strategy for integrating and/or consolidating external systems
  • Risk analysis

In addition, you will also receive a BIA Report that includes:

Executive Summary
  • Worshop Objectives
  • Scope Recommendation
  • Business Benefits
  • Business Recommendations
Company Overview
  • Industry Drivers
Vision and Scope
  • Strategic Business Vision
  • Business Challenges
  • Technical Summary
  • Project Scope
Impact Assessment
  • Economic Benefits
  • Project Risks
ERP/CRM Functional Requirements
  • General
  • Reporting
  • Ease of Use and Training
  • Security
  • System Integration

The BIA Process

Conducted in a workshop setting over 2 days, the BIA process includes the following reviews:

  • Infrastructure Review:
    Define current technical and system architecture, identify high-level data conversion and integration requirements, assess current IT resource capacity and capabilities and identify technology related project risks.
  • Business Process Review:
    Deep discovery into high-value business process challenges, identify business “bottlenecks”, measure economic impact and frames technical/architecture review.
  • Assessment Objectives:
    Define “future state” of ERP and CRM systems, crystallize and prioritize business requirements, identify current growth challenges, and define measurable project benefits.
  • Assessment Process:
    Review market forces & industry drivers and their impact, document corporate objectives/metrics, identify barriers to objectives, prioritize objectives/metrics that are project dependant, and review value chain and document high-impact opportunities.

Special Offer – FREE

The BIA is being offered at no cost as part of this special offer. This is a $3,500 value provided by NextCorp consulting experts in the area of ERP and CRM.

If you are ready to take the next step and schedule a Business Impact Assessment, please contact
John Boatman at 214-574-6398 x121.